The saying that “The money is in the list” is dead on correct.

But only if you take the time to build a proper subscriber list. But how do you build a big list of subscribers and send them your latest business offers, without having to buy bulk email leads and become a spammer?

Autoresponders are the answer to that problem. On our site, we have many email autoresponder reviews, including Aweber autoresponder review, GetResponse email autoresponder review and 1ShoppingCart review. We also do a full autoresponder comparison so you can choose the one that the best.

But whoa, let’s not get too excited. What is an email autoresponder, really?
Email marketing software that manages your email list, that’s what an autoresponder does
Create the first email and an unlimited number of follow-ups if you want, based on your own interval. New options automatically get your predefined messages until the end of the queue.

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I told you; it’s incredible? But that’s not the whole story here.

Another benefit is the personalization of emails.

Hosted autoresponders, autoresponder scripts, and desktop autoresponders – those are the three types available today. Each autoresponder solution is different from the other. What you decide to use is largely dependent on your technical skills and how big a role email marketing plays in your overall marketing campaign.

A word of caution though if you plan to use an autoresponder script to send emails, make sure you have the correct autoresponder web hosting or risk losing a lot of data.

As soon as possible go and get yourself an Aweber or GetResponse account. You can spend money on a lot of other stuff this year and it won’t get close to the value you’ll get from your own autoresponder. Load more